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Learning from Experience (Draco/Morag, NC-17)

Title: Learning from Experience
Authors: serpentqueen13 (Morag) and willfully (Draco)
Rating: NC-17 (little kiddies stay away!)
Pairing: Blood/Fire (Draco Malfoy/Morag MacDougal), mentions of Snape/Lupin
Summary: After a bit of roleplay leads to mind-blowing sex, Draco and Morag decide to go back in time and teach their younger selves a lesson in the proper way to spend detention.
Warnings: het, spanking, D/s, vibrating spells, fingering (anal), explicit smut (hints at other kink, eg: whips), and major amounts of crack
Disclaimer: We are not JK Rowling nor her publishers, and we are making no money off of this-- just a whole lot of amusement.

Morag MacDougal, ex-hit-witch commonly referred to as 'Blood', shook her head at Draco Malfoy, amusement in her tone. "I don't know what you're talking about, Malfoy." She said in a breathy tone, shifting in her seat and crossing her legs under her schoolgirl skirt. "Punish me?"

Draco looked at her haughtily from his perch on the "desk" (which, in reality, was their bed), and smirked. "Asking for it, are you?" he asked smugly, raising an eyebrow.

"But I don't understand," Morag said in the most pitiful tone she could manage, running her nails along her throat as she dropped her eyes away from him as if frightened, before hardening her features and looking in his eyes, as she really would have done (and did do) when they were in Hogwarts. "What can you do to me? Take a few points? Oh, I'm scared. The big scary prefect is going to scold me."

"Scald might be a better word for it," Draco corrected with a smirk, straightening up and stalking towards her as imperiously as the bulge in his trousers would allow. "You won't learn your lesson if I just take points... no, you need something much more severe."

"Severe?" Morag echoed, biting her already red lip as if nervous, uncrossing and crossing her legs as she squirmed slightly, running her quill along a straining button of her blouse. "Like what? I'm already in detention." She put her head down modestly, but her eyes flicked to the bulge in his trousers. "Make me do lines?"

Draco smiled coldly and grabbed her by the hair, dragging her roughly to her feet. "Not exactly," he purred, directly into her face, and then shoved her towards the bed. "Bend over the desk."

Morag really did gasp as she was hauled to her feet, but easily kept her footing. She gave him a baleful look, even though her smirk bespoke another emotion entirely, and did as he asked, bending over the bed in a way that might be considered prim if she hadn't lifted her one leg, causing her skirt to lift the tiniest amount as she bent at the waist like the flexible woman she was.

Draco rolled up his sleeves, then moved forward and ran one hand over the cloth that covered the curve of her arse, licking his lips. Ever so slowly, he lifted it up above her hips to reveal smooth, bare skin. Then he raised one hand and held it still for a moment, purposefully breathing hard (though he didn't really have to work very hard to do so), counting to fifteen in his head before bringing it down on her arse without warning.

Morag was waiting for something to happen, and had begun to squirm when it didn't. She gasped as his hand finally contacted with the soft flesh of her arse, her hips bucking into it as she tried to remember something to say that suited the game. "Malfoy!" She declared as if shocked, letting a hint of arousal seep into her voice as she played along, even though her words were meant to be taken as far from innocent. "Do you have the authority to spank me so hard?"

"I have the authority to do whatever I want with you," Draco growled, punctuating his words with another hit. He paused and picked up his wand from the beside table, whispering a spell under his breath so that she couldn't hear what it was. Then he raised his hand again, smirked, and smacked her almost gently, letting her feel the slight vibration of the spell inside of her that started when he first made contact, and stopped when he pulled away.

"Unholy fuck!" Morag shrieked as she felt the vibration start and stop with the contact. She tried to catch her breath even as she felt her arousal seep onto the bed beneath her. She fought to keep up the charade even as her eyes fluttered closed. "Malfoy!" There was very little complaint that managed to cram itself into that repetition of his surname, as low and husky as her voice went.

Draco smirked and leaned forward, grabbing her thighs with both hands and licking a long stripe over the abused skin. He could practically feel the spell vibrating beneath his tongue, and he drew it out as long as he dared before pulling away.

"Fuck...please..." Morag murmured, her voice just barely managing to stay above a wanton moan even as her entire body arched up and away from the bed. "I that what you call punishment?"

"No, not if you're enjoying it so much," Draco drawled, and reached forward to pinch the back of her thigh viciously.

"Enjoy it?" Morag choked out, trying to get some anger back in her voice and only managing because her homicidally angry tone and her 'fuck me now' tone were so close. "Why would I like it when you abuse me, Malfoy?" Still, her body arched toward his, wanting more contact of any sort. "You're evil and sadistic!" She crowed, while her mind filled in the rest. And that's why I love you.

Draco laughed cruelly, spelling both of their clothes off. "You like it," he said roughly, leaning over her and twisting her head harshly to look at him, "Because you're twisted and masochistic, MacDougal. Admit it."

Morag bit her lip again, wanting to do just that, to admit it and get what she knew was coming, what her body was aching for, but the role wouldn't allow her to do so and she glared at him as best she could, her eyes darkened with lust passing for anger. "Make me." She demanded, her eyes focused on his lips. "Make me admit that I like it."

Draco smirked into her face and tilted his hips forward to rub his erection against her inner thigh, barely holding back a groan as the spell activated again and made her skin tremble against him. "Admit it," he repeated, with just as much venom, though his voice had gone slightly hoarse.

Morag couldn't help the shriek that escaped her mouth at the feel of him against her thighs coupled with the vibrating sensation that was going to drive her completely mad. "Fuck me." She demanded petulantly, trembling against the soft surface of the bed. "Just fuck me already."

Draco knew that he shouldn't give in so easily, that he should ignore his own desire and force her to admit it, but before he could really think about it, he was inside of her, and had to bite down on her shoulder to stifle a scream as the spell vibrated around him. It was hard, extremely hard, to pull back, but he managed it, and soon he was panting, moaning her name in time with his movements.

"Fire..." Morag moaned, game forgotten as she moved in time with him, trying to keep him inside of her as long as possible. "Please..." She shrieked as he bit down on her shoulder, her muscles clenching hard and then she lost all thought, all ability for words as he began to move, and she didn't know how long it took, the effect he was having on her, but it couldn't have been that long until she screamed his name, hands digging into the bed as she came hard around him, the spell and the feel of him inside of her drawing her to heights of pleasure that made her muscles melt and bones shatter like glass.

"Holy fuck," Draco breathed, burying his face in her neck as she shook in his arms. He couldn't even move, held in place by the combined sensations of her muscles clenching down and spasming while the spell vibrated around him, but he didn't need to. "Blood," he added shortly, just before the air left his lungs with a hoarse scream, and he shuddered against her until he collapsed, utterly exhausted. He straightened up almost immediately, as the spell continued, vibrating painfully around his oversensitive cock, and reached for his wand to turn it off.

When Morag had finally caught her breath, which took awhile, she turned to him, and looked at him through adoring eyes. "I'm twisted and masochistic." She admitted softly, before letting her voice harden a bit. "Now why couldn't you have done that to me when you actually had me in detention?"

Draco collapsed onto the bed, laying on his back beside her, and stared up at the ceiling. "Because I was a stupid, self-centered prick who thought girls had nothing to offer me," he said breathlessly, shaking his head. "I ought to go back and slap myself silly for not seeing what was right in front of my eyes."

"We both should go back, so I can slap myself for being all nervous and shy around you." Morag agreed with a nod. "Or make myself enact some of those fantasies: shoving you up against a wall...shagging you on top of Snape's desk...why did you have to be the only boy I got tongue-tied around?" She asked him curiously.

Draco turned his head to look at her as a huge smirk covered his face. "I don't know, but you're the only girl that's ever really held my attention for more than a few days," he informed her, reaching over to touch her cheek. "Maybe it's the same reason."

"Fuck it!" Morag said, standing up and prancing over to her closet, with the determined set in her eyes that people knew not to challenge. She tossed through her closet hurriedly, pulling out a dragonhide skirt that was just beyond short and a lacy black tube top. She tossed these onto the bed and searched through her shoes, selecting a pair of knee-high black dragonhide boots with three inch stiletto heels and pulled them out before heading to her jewellery box. "We're doing it--or at least, I am doing it, whether you come with me or not." She snapped the black leather collar around her neck, yanking on the silver ring on the front to make sure that it was just tight enough.

Draco lifted himself up on his elbows to watch her, raising an eyebrow. "You're contradicting yourself, Blood," he teased, though he wasn't entirely sure what she was going on about. "If you do it yourself, I probably won't be coming with you. Unless you wait a bit so that I'm actually up to the task."

"Pervert." Morag said teasingly, slipping her skirt up over her hips before slipping her foot into her boot and placing it lightly on the bed to get a better angle at which to zip it, and to give Draco a bit of a view. "Not what I meant." She informed him, putting on her other boot in the same way. "I meant I'm going back. You can come with me or stay, but I need to talk some sense into myself."

"That's illegal," Draco told her, smirking even as he sat up to pull his clothes back on. "Of course I'm coming with you."

"Good." Morag said, smirking as she opened her drawer of lingerie and took a few moments to decide which one to wear, deciding on a silky black thing that did very little but looked nice, before pulling the mostly transparent lacy shirt over her head and inspecting herself in the mirror, pirouetting to make sure she looked good at all angles. "This should be fun." She carefully pulled her hair back into a high ponytail, before urning to Draco again. "How do I look?"

Draco looked her over and nodded appreciatively. "Good enough to eat," he said, licking his lips lewdly, and purposefully left his shirt halfway unbuttoned and rumpled, deciding to go for the just-shagged look. "Are you ready?"

"Yes, I think I am." Morag replied, smirking. "Shall we go then? I do believe I have a...toy in the Dark Arts extension that will help us tremendously."

Draco nodded and stood up, following her out the door and down to the library.

When they had gotten to the Dark Arts extension Morag carefully moved a photograph of her parents on their wedding day and smiled as a small box appeared in it's wake. She opened it and pulled out the small ball that was nestled inside. It was only as big as a palm, and was completely black, except for an opalescent quality that let other colours dance across it's surface. "Look familiar?" She asked with a smirk. "Or rather, similar to something you've seen my niece playing with?"

"The black ball," Draco agreed, eying it with interest. "How could I forget? Beatiris loves that thing, she never shuts up about it. I'm assuming this one does more than make things appear, though."

"You'd be correct." Morag said, balancing the ball in her hand. "This one will take you wherever you want to go, whenever you want to go. Dado developed it, but the Ministry thought it was too dangerous and confiscated it, put it in the Department of Mysteries. I...retrieved it when I was working at the Ministry." She smirked and held her hand out to him. "My detention, then?"

"Brilliant," Draco said cheerfully, putting one hand on the ball. "Yes, let's go."

Morag MacDougal was sitting in the Potions classroom scrubbing cauldrons, her uniform shirt-sleeves rolled up to her elbows as she cursed in Gaelic, sending death glares at the prefect overseeing her detention. Of course when Snape was too busy he has to get, of all people, Draco bloody Malfoy to oversee her detention, so he can sit at that desk and smirk at her as if he's better and she's just some kind of sodding House-Elf.

"Don't miss any spots," Draco said cruelly, looking up from the potions text he was pretending to read, but his mind was elsewhere. He couldn't believe he'd been roped into watching over this detention today-- normally he wouldn't mind, but Theo had just gotten back from visiting his parents for a few days and there was sure to be a lot of lovely reunion sex waiting for him when he got back to his dorm. "I'll make you clean them off with your tongue."

Morag turned and snarled at him, tempted to wipe off that bloody cruel expression off of his face by showing him just how good her tongue was for other things, but as always, she held her tongue and cursed him in her own language instead.

"Blaigeard!" she all but yelled at him before resuming her cleaning.

Draco smirked at her, barely even ruffled by what was clearly supposed to be an insult. "Loses a bit of its effect in translation, you kn-- Holy shit!"

Two people had suddenly appeared in the corner of the room, startling Draco so much that he had to grab the edge of the desk in order to keep himself from falling over. Narrowing his eyes, he glared at them, covering his confusion even as he looked them over.

"Nobody is supposed to be in this dungeon except for us," he spat finally, gesturing to himself and Morag. "Don't make me go and interrupt Professor Snape in the middle of his meeting."

"I know, and you two aren't even taking advantage of the lovely solitude." Blood remarked sadly, tossing the small black ball at Fire because he had pockets where she was definitely lacking. "And you wouldn't dare interrupt Snape right now, you know as well as I do that he's too busy buggering Lupin up the arse to care about little old us."

Morag hadn't missed the ball that had flown through the air. "Hey! That's my..." She trailed off when the redhead turned to her and smirked.

"That's your father's, yes, I know. Trust me, he won't miss it." Blood said, waving it off dismissively. "We both know that he's working on...what was that? Oh yes, the possibility of using dark energy in propelling something faster than apparition without the dangers of splinching, correct, leanabh?"

"I am not a child!" Morag protested hotly, "but yes."

Draco listened to the exchange with interest, but he kept his eyes on the tall blond man as he pocketed the black ball and then looked straight at Draco, who practically jumped out of his skin at the sight of silver eyes exactly like his own staring back at him.

"Father?" he asked nervously, but the man laughed and shook his head.

"Hardly," Fire replied, smirking. "Don't you recognise yourself, Draco?"

Draco blinked at him. The man did look almost exactly like him, only a few years older, but-- what was it his father had said? Not everything is what it seems.

"You could be someone else, pretending to be an older me," he said carefully, glancing at the woman, who looked very like MacDougal. "There are potions and charms for that, Father told me."

Fire shook his head, though secretly he was proud of his younger self for being so careful. "I could prove it, but I don't think you want them to know some of the things that we know about you," he said slyly, smirking. "Not yet, anyway."

Morag however, was not to be daunted, even as she fingered the cool dragonhide of the woman's skirt. She crossed her arms over her chest, glanced at Draco and the older man suspiciously before letting loose with her question. "What's my full name, what does it mean, what was my older brother's present to me before leaving for Hogwarts, and who was the last guy I shagged?"

"Morag Nessa MacDougal." Blood answered easily, rolling her eyes. "Great ungentle one descended from the dark one, the knife we keep in our bra, and..." She paused, trying to recall the date. "Michael Corner, I tied him to his bed and made him watch while I masturbated for fifteen minutes and came once before shagging him." She smirked and glanced at the two Dracos. "Have I passed?"

Morag nodded curtly. "You're right."

Fire grinned and glanced at Draco, who looked like he wanted to run, far away, shaking his head. "Don't you move," he ordered. "Your boyfriend can wait. Trust me, this is worth your time."

The blood drained from Draco's face-- nobody was supposed to know about him and Theo!-- and wished that the desk would open up and swallow him whole. "What boyfriend?" he asked, not daring to glance at either Morag to see if they were laughing at him, but Fire just nodded. "Exactly."

"I like this..." Morag said, running her hands cautiously over the woman's outfit. "Have you...have I killed? Did we join the Death Eaters?" Morag circled around her older self as if inspecting her. She was analysing whether she wanted to become this woman and had to admit that the idea had appeal.

Blood laughed, shaking her head. "God, I don't know if I even know how many people I've killed..I lost track long ago." She jumped up on the desk and primly crossed her legs, ruffling the younger Draco's hair. "As for the Death Eaters, we thought about it, but we didn't...but let's talk about something a little more interesting shall we? Like...oh, I don't know...what else in this room you like."

Morag blanched. "I don't know what you're talking about." She said firmly, planting her high heels and glaring at her older self in a way that only Morag could do, and was surprised when she had the same look turned back on her.

Draco twisted away from the woman's touch, scowling menacingly at both of them. "Can't you two have your reunion elsewhere?" he asked, annoyed. "I--"

"Shut up," Fire said affectionately, cutting him off. "They're talking about you, you stubborn little git. Go on, ladies."

"Yes quite, thank you Fire." Blood said with a smirk. "Yes let's do talk about Draco, you ridiculous little thing." She said just as affectionately, jumping off of the desk. "Let's talk about how you let him catch you, about why you get in his face and challenge him." She was really grinning wickedly now. "Let's talk about how your first thought when you saw who would be overseeing your detention was shagging him through Snape's desk."

While her younger self was bright red and murmuring denials Blood turned to Fire. "And if little Draco so much as utters the words 'I could never be happy with a girl' or something similar I shall hit you, and not in the fun way, clear?"

Draco, who had opened his mouth to say exactly that, paused, and then realised that she wasn't talking to him. "But I don't like girls," he said wickedly, shooting a glance at the older version of himself. "And besides, I promised Pansy that if I did like girls, I would like her."

Fire's eyes widened, he had completely forgotten about that. "As if you ever keep your promises to Pansy," he said hurriedly, steeling himself for the blow that he was sure was going to be coming. "You won't keep a promise to anyone but Mother and Father until you meet her."

Blood did indeed waltz over and hit him, hard, but not as hard as she possibly could. She then pranced over innocently and struck young Draco even harder. "And for your erudition, Pansy is not interested in you. She's a fan of the fairer sex, particularly of the Hufflepuff variety." She smiled evilly at the younger blond. "I said I was going to hit him, I didn't say I wasn't going to hit you as well."

"I like me." Morag said in something akin to awe. "And can I have those boots?"

Fire smirked at himself, who looked utterly disgusted at the idea of Pansy liking girls, especially Hufflepuff girls. "Ew," he said in a small voice, raising one hand to touch his cheek, still stinging from the slap, and then looked up at Blood with distaste. "That still doesn't mean I have to like her," he added stubbornly, lifting his chin. "I have a boyfriend."

This time it was Fire that stalked over to Draco and grabbed him by the shoulders, giving him a thorough shaking. "Theo is not a good enough shag to warrant all this," he said firmly, glaring directly at him even as he got slightly disconcerted by his own silver eyes staring up at him. "And he is a jealous, clingy bastard to boot. Get over it and listen to them, this is important."

"I think we need a bit of a demonstration, mo Áin," Blood said, smiling slyly as Morag's eyes widened at the possessive Gaelic. "Would you do me a favour and charm some empty vials unbreakable for me while I get myself a little toy?" Without waiting for an answer she picked up Morag's purse, smirking as she pulled out a familiar pair of handcuffs. "I thought where did I put those damn knickers when I took them off in the bathroom after asking you for a break..." She muttered aloud, before coming up with a silky pair of blue knickers. "There we are."

Fire smirked and let go of Draco just in time to give him a perfect view of the knickers. "Of course, mo Fola," he agreed, moving over to the shelf and tapping a few of the vials at random with his wand before turning back to Blood. Draco was glancing back and forth between the two Morags in disbelief and a kind of fascinated horror, clearly wondering what was going to happen next.

Blood carefully transfigured the knickers into a whip and snapped it calmly, testing the balance and weight of it before winding it back up and handing it to her younger self.

Morag took it and tested it in the same manner, smirking slightly as it cut the air with a familiar sharp sound. "Now what?"

Blood rolled her eyes. "You know our aim, knock the vials down that Fire was kind enough to charm unbreakable--you've played this game before and precision is our strong suit."

"Oh." Morag said. "But what is the point?"

"It's hot." Blood said with a shrug. "Well, that and you always have the option of shoving the handle up his arse. I've never quite decided what seems to break him more--hitting him or teasing him with the handle, but it doesn't really matter."

Morag turned to look at Draco and then at the older version of him, before turning back to the vials and knocking each of the unbreakable vials easily from their perch, dead centre each time before deciding to try something a little devious and turning it on her older self.

Blood chuckled as the leather flew towards her and held up her arm, letting it wrap around her bare arm with a grin before pulling the whip from her younger self's hand with a twist of her wrist and restoring the weapon back to it's original innocuous form, which she quickly tossed at Draco with a smirk. "Point taken?"

Draco flinched away from the knickers with a grimace, ignoring the way his trousers had chosen to grow annoyingly tight. "So I like whips," he said with a shrug, and glanced at his older self, raising an eyebrow at him as if wondering why he was going along with this. "I'll get one for Theo for his birthday."

Fire sighed and nodded at Blood, giving her permission to punish him for his stubbornness, even though she didn't need it.

If it hadn't been for the fact that Draco kept mentioning Theo, Blood would have probably seen his stubbornness as almost endearing--she was used to Fire after all, and he could be just as stubborn if not worse. She stalked over to the desk with the most dangerous expression she had in her arsenal and wrapped a hand around little Draco's throat, lifting him fairly easily and pinning him to the wall.

"You will listen to me. Are you listening?" she asked, letting her nails dig into his neck slightly.

Draco's breath stopped and he stared at her with wide eyes, nodding slightly and biting down on his tongue as the motion caused her nails to dig even farther into the sensitive skin of his neck.

"He likes that," Fire whispered conspiratorially to young Morag, winking at her. "The nails. Remember that."

Morag looked down at her nails, which were just as sharp, if varnished blue instead of black and held up her hand silently, tilting her head questioningly as her older self lectured Draco. Fire grinned and nodded, gesturing at his entire body, and mouthed: anywhere.

"Now, I could kill you right now, but that would defeat my purpose." Blood crooned. "Let me be brief. Just because you like to take it up the arse doesn't mean you can't like girls..especially ones as kinky as me over there." She nodded blindly toward her younger self. "Feel these nails digging into your neck? I know you like pain...imagine these nails digging into that one spot inside you that no matter how manly they are, some blokes can't seem to hit. Imagining?" She asked tersely, digging her nails in a little more and then loosening her grip. "Now what have you to say?"

Draco leaned weakly against the wall, staring at the younger Morag with eyes dilated and darkened with interest. He drew a ragged breath and then looked at his older self, who grinned back at him and nodded encouragingly.

"I want," Draco began hoarsely, and coughed. "Proof."

"He's capable of learning!" Blood crowed happily, if sarcastically. "What proof do you require, Draco? I'm sure my almost-self would be pleased to demonstrate." She had to smirk as she looked over her shoulder and saw Morag shift her weight primly and wave at him playfully, calling attention to her nails. "Or did you have something else in mind?"

Draco glared at her indignantly and crossed his arms. "Proof that you're-- she's worth my time," he replied, managing to sound derisive even in a voice gone rough with arousal and interest.

"I had forgotten what a little bastard you could be to me, Fire." Blood said, dropping him unceremoniously. "He wants proof, you understand how his brain works--you should, he's you, what do you suggest. Do we let my counterpart jump him like she's been itching to do, or would something else be more convincing?"

Fire eyed Draco, and then glanced at Morag. "Let her have her way with him, Blood," he said finally, smirking as Draco's breath hitched audibly. "That'll be quite convincing enough, I'm sure."

Morag grinned widely and walked over to Draco in a slow, sauntering gait that her adult self still used. "You're not nice." She said softly. "You know my name, don't you?" She purred, leaning over his neck where her older self had been gripping him so harshly before, slamming him against the wall with her own weight. "What's my name, Draco?" She licked lightly at his pulse and then bit down, hard.

"My, that looks familiar." Blood said quietly to Fire, smirking widely as she crossed her arms in front of her.

"She went straight for the killing blow," Fire said admiringly, watching as Draco's eyes shut tight and his hands clutched at the wall behind him.

"MacDougal," he gasped, fighting his own body to keep himself from arching up against her. "Your name is MacDougal."

Morag frowned slightly, pulling back and laving the bite mark with her tongue. "Not quite." She sing-songed. "There are loads of MacDougals, being pureblood, you know. What's my name?" She demanded, ripping his shirt carelessly as she had always wanted to do, throwing the cloth to the side carelessly as she raked her nails down his chest, leaving pale pink scratches behind.

Blood raised an eyebrow. "And that's why you have a constant influx of new shirts and robes." She commented almost analytically. "Quite the little dominatrix, wasn't I?"

"Aren't you still?" Fire asked, amused. "The nails on his chest don't work quite as well without the scars, but--" he glanced at Draco, who was squirming against the wall, mouth working as he tried to formulate a response. "Looks like he's enjoying it anyway."

"Mo--" Draco bit out, eyes shooting open as the stinging sensation on his chest shot through his entire body. "Morag, Morag, you're Morag..."

"Point." Blood said with a laugh, watching in amusement as she reached for her younger self's purse and pulled out a blood-pop, grinning wickedly as she found a pair of nipple clamps. "Forgot about these." She said with a smirk.

"Very good, Draco." Morag replied, her hands dropping down to his trousers and quickly undoing the fastenings and sending them to the ground. "Do you want a little reward or should I let you go since you don't like me at all?" She smirked slightly, biting down on his throat again.

"How come you haven't used those on me yet?" Fire asked, looking at Blood with a wounded expression even as Draco moaned and pressed himself wantonly against Morag. "I didn't even know you had any!"

Blood sighed. "I don't. Tracey Davis steals these a few days before I leave Hogwarts. Trust me, if I had them, I'd use them, love."

Morag sent Draco's boxers to the floor along with his trousers, loosening her grip on him slightly as she dropped a hand below her skirt, withdrawing two slick fingers a few moments later, and doing as her older self had suggested, teasing the tight puckered flesh of his arsehole, while biting his lip fiercely until she tasted blood.

"Ohgod," Draco moaned into her mouth, hands scrabbling at her clothes, the wall, anything to hold on to. "Ohgod...fuck..."

"Oh well," Fire said calmly, turning his attention back to his younger self. "I'll just have to get you another pair for Christmas. Look, he'll be begging any second now..."

Morag roughly inserted her finger inside him, her tone turning vicious. "Worth your time?" She questioned, moving her finger slowly as if searching, when really, she knew exactly where his weak spot could be found. "Am I?" She brought her knee up gently, pressing it lightly underneath his cock.

"Nngh," Draco replied intelligently, clenching down around her finger as it slowly drove him towards the brink of madness, and his hips jerked forward against her leg. "Ye--ohgod, dothatagain!"

Morag smirked, she had let her nail drift gently across his prostate. "Say please." she requested. "It's polite you know. I'm sure you were raised with better manners than that."

Blood blinked, watching the expression on Draco's face. "You know, you still make that face, Fire."

"That's my 'oh shit there's a nail on my prostate' face," Fire explained, sighing as Draco bit his lip and slowly shook his head.

"Why not?" Morag asked sullenly, pulling her finger back and returning to teasing his entrance. "It's polite you know. It's proper to ask for what you want."

Draco opened his eyes, licking nervously at the blood pooling on his lip. "Malfoys...don't beg," he said shakily, trying to press back against her finger.

"We do when it's worth it," Fire informed him, but he very much doubted that his younger self could hear him over the pounding of his heart beat.

Morag sighed and pulled away completely, licking seductively at her finger and running her tongue across the nail. "Need those, then?" She asked, kicking his torn robes toward him while locking her eyes on his.

Blood groaned softly and buried her head in Fire's shoulder. "Please tell me I didn't just give up that easily."

Fire reached up with one hand to pet her hair soothingly, but he didn't answer, instead watching the younger couple-- well, okay, they weren't a couple yet-- to see what was going to happen. When Draco just stared at Morag, stubbornly refusing to either pick up his robes or make any move to bring her back, he sighed and looked pointedly at the back of Morag's head.

"I don't know, Blood," he said loudly, "I've never known you to give in so quickly before, but then, I never actually shagged this younger you."

Morag steeled herself and cursed loudly. "Dàirich!" she snarled, though she wasn't sure who the word was pointed at, the Malfoy in front or behind her. If it had been any other boy she would have just walked away and not cared in the slightest, but it was annoying, arrogant, smug, and utterly distracting Draco Malfoy. She growled and roughly impaled two fingers inside of the blond in front of her, hiking up her skirt with the other hand as she moved herself onto him. "Say please." She demanded roughly, twisting her fingers inside of him.

Blood looked up and grinned, raising an eyebrow. "That's more like it...and I had a dirty little mouth, didn't I?"

"I don't know why you keep insisting on using the past tense," Fire told her, shaking his head, but his words were nearly drowned out by Draco's scream. "Oops. I hope there's a silencing spell on this room."

"Fine, I have a dirty mouth." Blood replied, casting a quick silencing spell just in case.

"Like that?" Morag asked sweetly, rolling a finger lightly across his prostate. "Say please and that will seem like the Cruciatus compared to what I'll do to you."

Draco nodded, opening his mouth only to moan breathlessly as stars exploded behind his eyelids. "Yesplease," he said hurriedly, slurring his words together as he raised both hands and tangled them in her hair, pulling her roughly down for a kiss.

Morag couldn't help but smirk into the kiss, burying him deep inside of her and clenching her muscles around him as she dug her nails into the rough textured spot inside of him, twisting slightly as she deepened the kiss roughly.

Draco's body arched away from the wall with a hoarse, muffled groan, accidentally biting down on her tongue as he attempted to move in both directions at the same time. It was better than anything he'd ever felt before, anything he'd ever imagined...and if he'd been capable of rational thought, he might have been thinking something along the lines of how his older self seemed to know what he was on about. Which wouldn't have been a surprise, of course.

"I think it worked," Fire whispered to Blood, grinning happily. "That is definitely worth his time."

Blood smirked as she watched her younger self quicken her movements, moving back and forth on Draco, slowly developing a rhythm between her fingers and movements. "If it wasn't you never would have stayed with me for so long, my Fire," she told him, as if he didn't already know, leaning over to kiss him but pausing as her younger self screamed. "Do my screams really sound that raw?"

Fire smirked at her and pulled her roughly into a kiss, abusing her lips with his teeth for a moment before pulling back. "They do," he informed her, glancing over at their younger selves to see that Draco was shuddering against the wall, obviously very close to exploding. "It's hot."

"Come for me." Morag demanded, roughly adding a third finger after drawing back again, digging her nails into his prostate and curling her fingers slightly, even as she buried him completely inside her, biting her lip and trying to ignore the way her body was trembling and how close she was--she would not let herself come before Draco did. She would not give in like that, she tried to convince herself even as her muscles clenched tightly around him involuntarily.

Draco groaned stubbornly, trying to hold back, but it was a lost cause. He trembled for a moment, hands clutching at her robes, and then began to shake so hard that his head cracked a few times against the wall without him even noticing.

"Nngh...fuck...Morag!" he finally screamed, twisting beneath her as if he was trying to get away, and came with an intensity that left him weak-kneed and completely dependent on her support to hold him upright.

Morag let out a sigh of relief, even as his erratic movements drove her to her own orgasm, and she held him against the wall as she kissed him roughly, muffling the wanton moan that she couldn't help but give against his lips, forcing her tongue into his mouth with a sharp gasp as she trembled hard against him and her own orgasm milked him dry.

Blood watched with an evil smile, practically curling into Fire's side. "I do believe they've gotten the thrust of our argument, Fire."

Fire wrapped himself around her, grinning mischievously. "Yes, I do believe they have," he agreed, looking down at her. "Shall we celebrate?"

Blood smirked and kissed him deeply. "Oh, yes, I was beginning to think I'd have to make do with only one mind-blowing shag today. Let's do celebrate."

"Heresy!" Fire exclaimed, feigning shock. "Only one? As if I'd make you suffer such a fate, love!" He paused, and considered the couple in front of them. "Shall we show our younger selves what they've got waiting for them in the future, or are you aching to get back to our dungeons? Perhaps we should leave something to the imagination."

Blood was about to say that they should show the younger versions of themselves a few tricks, but the thought of the dungeons hung in her mind like a promise, and she couldn't help the breathy tone she adopted as she spoke. "I say let them learn from experimenting on each other--but only if I get to chain you up. You got to be the one in charge before we came here, so I want my turn."

Fire grinned. "As if I'd object to that," he said, shaking his head, and took the black ball out of his pocket. "Toodle-oo, tots!"

Draco glanced at them unseeingly over Morag's shoulder, and Fire grinned. "Yes, I think they'll be just fine without us."

Blood followed his line of sight. "I do believe they will, oh, and did I mention that young me is about...oh, fifteen minutes from going completely manic?" She eyed young Draco and smirked. "I think our job here is done." She leaned over and took Fire's lower lip between her teeth gently and put her hand on the black ball with a wickedly malicious grin.

"I think he'll be alright," Fire said, just before they disappeared. As they reappeared in the library, he smirked and leaned in to kiss his Blood. "You're fun when you're manic."

Meanwhile, back in the past, Draco blinked at the spot where his older self had been standing just seconds before. Did that really just happen? he wondered vaguely, still off balance from the sudden turn of events.

Just then, Snape swept through the door, and stopped in his tracks when he saw them pressed together, completely naked, against the wall. "Step away from each other and make yourselves decent!" he snapped, averting his eyes.

Morag blushed and grabbed for her skirt and bra, discreetly kicking Draco's torn shirt and robes at him again, though she doubted the shirt would cover much, cursing under her breath, allowing her annoyance at the interruption to take over her embarrassment as she quickly redressed, buttoning up her shirt calmly; completely forgetting about the pair of knickers-turned-whip-turned-knickers that were on the floor under the desk.

"Damn interruptions..." she growled under her breath to Draco as she played with her hair and tried to look as if she had not just been having sex and failing miserably.

Draco dressed as hurriedly as he could, fingers fumbling with the fastenings of his trousers and pulling his shirt on, not bothering to try to button it before slipping into his robes. "I'm sorry, sir," he said quickly, murmuring a soft spell to finish the cauldrons. "We..."

"Have obviously not learned your lesson," Snape interrupted, glaring at Morag as if it was entirely her fault for corrupting his precious, innocent Prefect. "I cannot have this sort of rebellion in my dungeons. Come here, both of you."

Draco moved forward warily, though he was slightly grateful that Snape had interrupted him-- what he had been about to say, he had absolutely no idea.

Morag glared at Snape right back, keeping the image of her older self clad in dragonhide and talking about killing so many people that she didn't even remember how many, in her mind, clinging to the confidence the woman had shown. "Why?" She asked suspiciously. "This was supposed to happen."

"It's supposed to happen somewhere else," Snape growled through gritted teeth, and Draco bit back a smile. "And that's where it will happen, from now on, if it happens at all. You are never going to oversee her detentions again, for one thing. And if you don't want me to make sure you never see him again ever, you will be standing right here--" he pointed at the ground next to Draco-- "before I lose my patience."

"You'd think our older selves would be nice enough to warn us before they went off to play whips and chains." Morag growled, but moving forward to stand next to Draco anyway. "Stupid time-traveling ball, I knew I shoulda stole it from Dado." She crossed her arms in front of her and glared up at Snape, challenging him, taking comfort in the fact that this too would pass and everything would end up all right.

Draco made a strangled noise and jabbed her with his elbow, trying to get her to shut up, but it was too late. Snape blinked at her, and then frowned. "What's this about time-travel?" he asked, voice dangerously soft.

"Nothing." Morag said innocently, jabbing her heel sharply into Draco's foot and grinding down on it in revenge for the elbow jab. "Just learning a lesson from those a bit more experienced is all. How was your meeting, Professor? Did everything come to completion satisfactorily?" She couldn't help the smirk that crossed her face, really she couldn't.

"Hold your tongue, you silly girl," Snape snarled, even as a small amount of colour filled his sallow face. Draco stared at him, and then looked at Morag in something akin to awe. Yes, he thought incredulously, a girl that can make Professor Snape blush is definitely worth my time.

But before he could say anything, Snape's wand was pointed at Morag's head, and he said the spell so fast that Draco barely had time to be surprised before the wand was in his face.

"Obliviate," Snape repeated, and put his wand away as their faces went blank. "I am afraid, Ms. MacDougal, that I cannot hold your detention tonight. Come back tomorrow, at the same time. And Draco, I believe it is now time for your rounds."

Draco blinked at him for a moment, and then looked up at the clock. "Yes," he said slowly, and looked at Morag before starting to move-- somewhat stiffly-- towards the door. "MacDougal here has made me late. I'll just be on my way, Professor."

"I made you late?" Morag snarled, even as she tried to remember what she could have done to do such a thing. "Of all the stubborn, pompous, arrogant...!" She stopped, turned to Snape and tried to cool her temper. "Of course, Professor." She said calmly, biting her lip and wondering vaguely why it was so sore. She went for her purse, carefully stuffing her handcuffs deep into it, and wondering how they had come to be hanging out like that. "May I have a pass then sir, so some prefect doesn't stop me and take points?"

Snape nodded and waved his wand at his desk, summoning a quill and a piece of parchment. "Eight o'clock tomorrow, Ms. MacDougal," he reminded her sternly, and swept over to his desk to finish grading the latest stack of essays from his third years.

Morag took the pass and nodded. "Of course, sir." She inspected the pass through narrowed eyes before nodding respectfully and walking out.

Snape watched her go, and then relaxed into his chair with a sigh, stretching his legs out beneath the desk. He sat up in surprise when one of his feet slid against the dungeon floor, and looked down to see that he had stepped on a pair of girls' blue knickers.

"Oh, for..." he spat, disgusted, and kicked them into a corner, aiming his wand at them and sending them up in flames. Then he reached for his quill and dug through his drawers for another piece of parchment.

My dearest werewolf, he scribbled quickly, I find myself missing you already. Please come down to the dungeons at your earliest convenience, I have a surprise for you. And he moved over to the fireplace to send it up to Lupin by Floo.
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