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I haven't written in here in forever :| But I kind of need to tonight, idk why. I don't even remember if I've named one of these plantains Heart but uhm, that's what this one is going to be called anyway :|

This is, uhm. Dedicated to all of my friends on the internet who've been hurting lately, whose names and reasons are close to my heart and kept very safe. I love all of you, I really do. Whether you see this or not.

I'll wait at your bedside until your eyes open, though it's not certain when that'll be. It doesn't really matter, I think I'd wait here forever.

I'm not certain when you got to be so important to me.

And I'm not really sure how to describe it, either.

Technically, the heart's just a muscle. Electronically programmed, essential to life, but that's all it is: a mass of beating, bloody flesh. I need this heart to live; this heart aching and beating too fast with fear for your safety, your health, your wellbeing.

My heart's been spread through the web of the internet, all across the country: a large part of it rests with you. Enough of it that what you're going through shouldn't be necessary, there should be enough healthy tissue of mine to heal yours.

Sometimes it is. Sometimes I can help, at least a little.

It's the times that I can't that scare me shitless.
Tags: :|, i love my friends too much, i'm just being stupid, ignore this, plaintains, scared
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