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Goodbye, Tracey

[Note: this is a story I wrote when I was eleven and am posting here for lulz hilarity nostalgic reasons. I have not edited it, not even for spelling and grammar. Also, does anyone else think it's appropriate that I found this while UNPACKING MY ROOM and clearing out all my clutter? XD]

CHAPTER 1 - Just The Beginning

It all started when I was helping my friends, Tracey and Sara pack up Tracey's room (she was moving) and find things to sell at the garage sale. We were going to hold it to make money for Tracey's going away party, which Sara and I were planning.

Sara went into Tracey's closet. Tracey was looking through her jewelry box while I worked on her shelves. After a few moments Sara emerged from the closet holding two white jewelry boxes.

"Tracey, you never told me you had more of these!" she cried angrily.

Tracey quickly set down her jewelry box and whirled around. I kept working. Unlike Sara, I don't care if my friends don't tell me all their secrets.

"Maya, look at this! Tracey has two more of those purple and red heart necklaces that she promised to give us and she never did!" Sara tossed one to me. I caught it but let it hang as I thought about what I should do. It belonged to Tracey, but she had promised.....

"Maya, it's mine," Tracey pleaded. "Give it back."

"She promised!" Sara cried. "Take it and go!" She glared at Tracey.

Tracey turned to face Sara and snatched the necklace away.

"You're acting like you don't want yours, Sara," Tracey said with a sneer.

At that point I couldn't take it any longer. With a cry, I heaved the beautiful necklace into the air, turned, and ran out of the room. I think Sara called after me but I couldn't be sure. I wouldn't answer her anyway. I ran to lake and took a long walk. I needed to calm down.

"What could be worse?" I asked myself. Then I thought nothing could. But I was wrong. That was just the beginning.

[A/N: LOL. I was already showing a tendency to run away from "heavy emotional situations" and need to process them all by myself. I guess I haven't changed as much as I thought. XD]

CHAPTER 2 - Worse and Worse

[A/N: I think this is supposed to be from Tracey's perspective?]

At school the next day, I did not hang out with Maya or Sara. I was really mad at Sara. I would have hung out with Maya but she wasn't speaking to me (or Sara). Instead, I sat on the swings with three other friends of mine, Jennifer, Maria, and Lisa.

I glanced over at Sara. She and this really mean girl, Melissa Sanders, were walking around, talking and laughing. They were heading for the tire swing.

Suddenly I realized Jenni and Lisa were staring at me strangely. Maria hadn't noticed us. She was staring across the campus and talking. Jenni, Lisa and I started laughing. Maria looked at us.

"Come on," she said. "Let's race Melissa and Sara to the tire swing."

We raced over but we weren't fast enough. Melissa sat down and Sara began to push her.

"Hey, Sara," Jenni called. "Can we have the swing after you?"


But it isn't continued. There's just that very ominous big, italic TO BE CONTINUED. Someday perhaps I will finish all of my old stories (the ones that I can find, anyway). Maybe I could Harry Potter-ify them and post them on for a Pottersues contest! XDDD
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