What Goes Up Must Come Down

...like high hopes...

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The UHA/EC Shelter Made of Draperies
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Welcome to willfully and friartux_shop's Story Archive!

This is where we post our individual work (but, except in situations most dire, with input and fabulous editing by the other) AND everything that we write together.

Enter if you dare, and welcome to the world of stabbing guilt, killing off characters, Unidentified Hands on Arses (UHAs), crack porn, drapery experts, and Excessive Commas (ECs) and Exclamation Marks (EEMs)!

And now a short skit for your entertainment. Warnings: het, femmeslash, elusive bits, and fic love children. Rated NC-17 to be safe.

Becca (friartux_shop) and boyfriend are having an intimate moment...
becca: fuck me!
becca's bf: umm...
becca's bf: one sec. I have to find your strangely elusive bits.
becca: *sigh*
becca: why does this always happen! *helps to search for bits*
anna (willfully): *falls over laughing*
anna: *lands on becca's bits*
becca: ouch!
anna: *holds them aloft* found 'em!
becca: stop groping me!
becca's bf: yeah, that's my job!
anna: *runs away with the bits*
anna: *cackles*
anna (to becca's bf): you will never beat me! For I am the other half of the old married couple! And you are just a fling.
anna: *impregnates becca again and again*
becca: *has various fic love children*
becca: *is happier having fic love children*

"And Jesus came down to the earth one more time, in his long white robe that doubles as a flashy drag dress, and said to his devoted followers: 'I'm gayer than Christmas'. He left in a spectacular flash of sparkles and glitter." -The Curtain Girl Bible, 4:35

willfully's 100quills table
Claim: Draco/Neville
001.Broken. 002.Motion. 003.Sarcasm. 004.Attention. 005.Never.
006.Accusation. 007.Companions. 008.Blessing. 009.Metal. 010.Eyes.
011.Shadow. 012.History. 013.Talent. 014.Heaven. 015.Green.
016.Taste. 017.Sunset. 018.Laugh. 019.Promise. 020.Formal.
021.Memory. 022.Denial. 023.Arrows. 024.Sudden. 025.Neutral.
026.Thousand. 027.Spaces. 028.Excess. 029.Purity. 030.Enigma.
031.Snowflakes. 032.Temptation. 033.Command. 034.Tremble. 035.Sensual.
036.Family. 037.When? 038.Serenade. 039.Hunger. 040.Ragged.
041.Sleepwalk. 042.Glimpse. 043.Questions. 044.Fringe. 045.Diamond.
046.Passing. 047.Flame. 048.Happiness. 049.Fleeting. 050.Years.
051.Thunder. 052.Taboo. 053.Look. 054.Music. 055.Solitary.
056.Jump. 057.Young. 058.Tragic. 059.Madness. 060.Knowledge.
061.Bewildered. 062.Smirk. 063.Moon. 064.Summer. 065.Weakness.
066.Balance. 067.Bright. 068.Letters. 069.Corruption. 070.Transformation.
071.Scars. 072.Rebellion. 073.Glory. 074.Prepare. 075.Mistake.
076.Restless. 077.Orange. 078.Beginning. 079.Sickness. 080.Thanks.
081.Air. 082.Doors. 083.Bias. 084.Waves. 085.Stray.
086.Flying. 087.Overwhelmed. 088.Stupidity. 089.Haze. 090.Incomplete.
091.Vengeance. 092.Critical. 093.Walking. 094.Drink. 095.Death.
096.Outside. 097.Always. 098.Wrong. 099.Forgotten. 100.How?

My hp_100songs table for Blood/Fire (Draco/Morag):

1.I'm Not That Girl 2.Castle Down 3.Someone's Waiting For You 4.Toxic 5.Accidentally In Love
6.I Miss You 7.You Are Always The One 8.Beep 9.Sanctuary 10.No Buses
11.Humane 12.Eleanor Rigby 13.Yesterday 14.The Fear You Won't Fall 15.Whatsername
16.See Who I Am 17.Torn 18.That Face 19.Misery 20.Mr. Curiosity
21.How Strange 22.Warmer Climate 23.Pretty Baby 24.Everything You Want 25.If I Could Turn Back Time
26.Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You 27.Across The Sky 28.I Will Go Sailing No More 29.Midnight Show 30.She Is
31.When The Stars Go Blue 32.An Ode To No One 33.Juliet 34.Stickwitu 35.Textbook
36.Its About Time 37.I Would Give Everything I Own 38.Free Me 39.My Funny Valentine 40.Dante's Prayer
41.Feeling This 42.Hallelujah 43.Remember When It Rained 44.Chain Of Fools 45.All The Things She Said
46.Rites Of Spring 47.Crush 48.Thank You 49.Caged 50.Here, There, And Everywhere
51.Cheating On You 52.Landslide 53.You'll Be In My Heart 54.Misery Loves Company 55.Can You Feel The Love Tonight
56.If You Feel Better 57.On My Own 58.Seasons Of Love 59.Can't Get Enough Of Your Love 60.Think Of Me
61.Better Together 62.More Than Anyone 63.Stars 64.Without You 65.Lonely For Her
66.Vision Of Division 67.Standing Still 68.Call Me On Your Way Back Home 69.Let Me Take You Home Tonight 70.Wonderwall
71.The Dance 72.I'll Be Your Candle On The Water 73.The Mariner's Revenge Song 74.Like Humans Do 75.Fade Together
76.Miracle 77.She Will Be Loved 78.For Sentimental Reasons (I Love You) 79.White Night Fantasy 80.What Happened To Us
81.Don't Look Back In Anger 82.Your Eyes 83.Run 84.Tonight 85.Learning To Breathe
86.The Only Living Boy In New York 87.Follow Me 88.Memory 89.We Both Go Down Together 90.Eight Days A Week
91.My Foolish Heart 92.I Want To Hear What You Got To Say 93.Someday You Will Be Loved 94.All I Can Do 95.The Great Escape
96.When It Comes 97.Writer‘s Choice 98.Writer‘s Choice 99.Writer‘s Choice 100.Writer‘s Choice

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